Il Valentiano

Fabiano and Valentina are the new-generation owners of one of the most ancient settlements in the Montalcino wine area of Tuscany. Local Brunello grapes (Sangiovese Grosso) are world-wide known for the special rich flavours, taste and ability to age beautifully.

Wines available: (Wine notes by Antonio Mauriello)

Rosso Toscano IGT – Wines with the Indicazione Geografica Tipica label designation are usually a blend of local grapes with international grapes. Typical food pairings: bruschette with liver pate or black truffle butter, Pici al ragu (a traditional square-shaped hand made spaghetti), rabbit stew.

Rosso di Montalcino DOC – 100% Sangiovese. The typical meal in this part of Tuscany always starts with the Rosso (Red) and ends with the Brunello, followed by a Vin Santo. Rosso is the second growth of Brunello and still very enjoyable! Medium body, peppery, fresh in acidity, matches antipasti with Lardo di Colonnata (a specialty lard from the pigs happily living around the marble mountains of Carrara), mild sausages, ribollita (a traditional dense minestrone soup).

Brunello di Montalcino DOCG – 100% Sangiovese from the best vineyards, best exposure and soil. Traditionally aged in large casks, new-generation producers prefer to use small oak barrel, although slowly going away from the strong ‘new-world’ vanilla/chocolate aromas given by a new oak barrel, as it covers too much the delicate primary aromas of the grape, that is nice to experience in a wine to understand its pure origins. Brunellos are very tannic, therefore need aging before drinking, or need food to balance the aggressive ‘edges’ (acidity + tannins). Wild boar ragu over polenta, truffle condiments, herbs and spices (not to hot!) do have their place in the cuisine matching a Brunello. Of course, aged cheeses, stews and game meats are always a nice secondo (main course). Aged Brunello are so elegant and balanced that you don’t need any food to go with it. I tend to enjoy them by themselves! Perhaps with a cigar? Did you know that the best Italian variety of cigar is called TOSCANO?

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Fabiano and young winemaker Tiberio at work!