Maccari Prosecco

The Maccari family has been producing the best Prosecco in the hills of Northern Veneto for many many decades (since 1898!).
Their production site, cantina and vineyards are one of our favourite stops during our wine tours in Northern Italy. We are proud to feature this phenomenal product to Ontario.
Filippo, “Papa’ ” Maccari and his skilled staff of winemakers are known to deliver a consistent Prosecco now becoming a staple in all the world’s wine bars as the best aperitif ever!

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Prosecco Brut DOC
This Prosecco is the driest of the family however with a very pleasant aromatic note and elegancy on the palate, due to the tiny residual sugar left on purpose after the second fermentation in stainless steel tanks.
The best way to enjoy Prosecco, is chilled to ‘almost’ fridge temperature (just 2 or 3 degrees more) with appetizers. In Italy todays’ trend is to accompany the Prosecco with the ‘crudi bar’ (raw bar) featuring mostly fish tartare and raw seafood.
Also before dinner (that is 7 to 8:30 pm — since dinner in the Italian tradition usually starts at 8:30 / 9pm!) and of course VINO DA TUTTO PASTO (with the entire meal) is a very common way too!
Salute! [Wine notes by Antonio Mauriello]

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