Manuel Marinacci

The famous Barbaresco wine hills are located in the Langhe, a blessed area of Piemonte known for the best Nebbiolo crus and for the rare Tartufo Bianco d’Alba.

Manuel is among the best of the typical Piemontese inhabitants: hard worker and skilled wine maker from generations.

Wines available: (wine notes from Antonio Mauriello)

  • Dolcetto d’Alba – The ‘everyday’ wine for the locals, 100% from Dolcetto grapes. Not ‘sweet’, as the translation from ‘dolce’ would suggest, however dry, peppery, medium body, gently tannic. A great companion of light antipasti, ravioli butter and sage, medium/rare grilled meats.
  • Langhe Rosso Tango – An outstanding combination of two local grapes: the austere and rich Nebbiolo blended with the aromatic and elegant Freisa, a varietal rarely exported due to its low production. Our ‘a mano’ tasting team loves it with hearty soups, fettuccine with porcini mushroom, medium aged cheeses.
  • Barbera d’Alba – The grape Barbera has reached in the latest years a great popularity in the North American markets. One of the most produced grapes in Italy, you can find Barbera in every trattoria of Piemonte and many other Northern Italian regions. Best with carne cruda con scaglie di tartufo bianco (beef tartare with white truffle shavings) and powerful risotti (with mushroom, ragu,…)
  • Barbaresco Paja – The greatest example of noble wines. Manuel’s number one. 100% from grapes Nebbiolo from a single vineyard. the greatest care goes into each bottle. Tannins are high and ‘edgy’ when young (pair it with game meat stew, soft and intense cheese), it matures to a smooth, elegant and velvety ‘affair-in-the-glass’ after a few years in bottle. These are what I like to call ‘meditation wines’ at this point (=no food needed to enjoy it!). A great item for your cellar!

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Manuel looking at one of his west side hills (April)